The Argentine Football Association presents Project Football as the new International Commercial Agent

The Argentine Football Association and the company Project Football have reached a commercial agreement, through which Project Football becomes the new International Commercial Agent of the Argentine Football Association.

Through this agreement, the AFA adds a new strategic partner of great global importance, extending and consolidating the development of the AFA brand and commercial growth in the world, where the AFA has been implementing an aggressive brand positioning strategy in recent years. The Argentine National Team is one of the strongest sports brands with the greatest presence in markets such as Asia, India, the Middle East and the United States. 

In these territories, the AFA has strategic commercial partners and the objective of this new agreement will be to strengthen these links and generate new commercial income, also promoting the world championship obtained by our team. 

Project Football is a company focused on the development of sports and entertainment businesses, with a strong presence in markets such as the United States, where the AFA will focus on a commercial level in the coming years, expanding its brand and increasing the number of commercial partners there.

Claudio Tapia, President of the AFA, highlighted the importance of this agreement: "We are very happy to announce this alliance with the company Project Football, who will work with the AFA to enhance its commercial agreements at a global level and generate new sources of income, taking advantage the great brand development that we have achieved in the last 4 years. Having obtained the world championship enhances all the work that has been carried out since the beginning of our management. We have always thought of the AFA as a global brand and in this process we took steps very important in strategic markets, where the AFA did not have a presence and today has a solid network of commercial relationships, working with more than 40 top-level global companies. The positioning of our brand in markets such as Asia, the Middle East, India and The United States is very important and this agreement aims to continue that path, generating new ties and greater income for our Association."